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We handcraft products using the finest materials with the aim to make them  last forever.

 We are sure that as time passes you will appreciate our bags even more.

 We believe in:

 - Quality over quantity.

- Style over fashion.

- Sustainable products.







FADED ( /ˈfeɪdɪd/)

 Faded like a song. Or like a clothing piece who lost brightness due to usage. Like a memory.

Like an old photo forgotten in a draw.

Like a vintage, used, destressed whatever.

 You make it up.







All our bags are handcrafted with selected high quality and durable materials.

Despite what people might think, Bali is not a low cost country to handcraft any goods. Not even the best or cheapest place to source the materials we like.

But it is definitely still a place with a priceless high level of handcrafting knowledge giving us the chance to stretch our skills in the product making process and to make our design dreams come true.

We love to experiment with different washing, dyeing and sewing techniques still picking from the traditional old school ways.

We have the luxury to have a direct and full control of our handcrafting process to guarantee the highest quality level.

This is why people who buy our Bags realise straight away the amount of work that we put behind what me make.

We like to think - and we personally believe -that the visual and tactile experience of wearing our bags can make the difference and somehow put a smile on your face.

We want you to look at our bags in 10 years time and not only think that they still look cool but that they actually look even better.

Our products are designed and made to last.

All our bags come in a cotton and leather protective sack which can be used as a stylish spare bag (see picture on the left).